About us?

Floe Beauty® is a Colombian company that develops high quality body and skin care products for both women and men. Highlighting the beauty of the skin is in our DNA, we offer products with a presentation that makes us unique in the market, with innovative application systems that guarantee functionality and effectiveness.

The skin is everything to us, that’s why we work hand in hand with facial and body professionals, selecting the best ingredients that nature provides us together with technological development to guarantee the results of our facial line ADVANCE FACE and Corporal XTREME FAT BURNING.

Floe Waves

A practical solution for your wavy hair

We all love wavy hair; Whether they are marked, more subtle, with volume, without volume… In the end, what we want is to give the hair a little movement.

After trying so many crimpers and hot tongs that abused my hair and only lasted a little while; Inspired by everything I like and what my hair needed, I decided to create this heat-free hair wand that is also perfect for going to bed and waking up with hair like it came out of a salon.


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